The manufacturing industry has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years. However, against a global market, small to mid-sized manufacturers often struggle to compete with large-scale facilities when reaching customers. So, how can you gain a competitive edge? Today, organizations need advanced manufacturing business technology to both streamline their production processes and empower their infrastructure with innovative organizational tools. Here are some tips on how to best utilize and implement office solutions into your organization. 

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Manufacturing Business Technology: Why It Matters 

Manufacturing technology continues to advance and adapt cutting-edge solutions to enhance production, design, and output quality to customers. As more business technologies become mainstream, smaller manufacturers have the chance to enhance their infrastructure with affordable IT and software solutions, such as:  

  • Private applications to create an accessible environment for engineers to share, store, and review design files  
  • Ease security compliance and communication with customers through a secure platform 
  • Gain better organization and management over product orders to keep up with demand in real-time 

With the right manufacturing business technology, you can automatically scale and accelerate the growth of your company.  

4 Benefits Business Technology Offers to Manufacturers 

Industrial business leaders today need quality hardware and software to enhance their production workflow. From automotive to construction, every industry can benefit from implementing manufacturing business technology within their procedures. All it takes is knowing which tools can best support your business goals. Here are some tips on which technology can most benefit your company: 

1. Application Automation 

Various office operations are needed to maintain manufacturing production. Accounts payable, sales reports, customer orders, and product inventory must be documented and organized to ensure products are delivered. At Kraft, we understand balancing these responsibilities can be tedious, which is why we facilitate automated software solutions to manage these files for you! Automating accounts payable and other business transactions through our specialized applications can help you quickly process orders for faster delivery to customers.  

2. IT Support and Compliance 

Every manufacturer should have a high-quality IT infrastructure. Especially for government and defense contractors, security compliance is of utmost importance. With Managed IT services, your company gains a secure IT platform maintained by our expert team, allowing your engineers to focus on meeting production orders rather than if parts blueprints could be exposed by hackers. As a bonus, service experts will ensure your network meets all up-to-date security requirements with all the latest software and equipment upgrades.  

Man using manufacturing business technology on tablet as he looks at an automated manufacturing tool at work.

Manufacturing business technology gives engineers better IT Support to upgrade their devices, maintain security, and enhance designs.

3. Cloud-Based Efficiency 

Mobility has become a hot topic for manufacturers. The convenience of accessing and sharing information between devices and departments can greatly increase productivity. At Kraft, we can mobilize your manufacturing processes and streamline delivery with our cloud computing software! Not only can this program scale and adapt to growing amounts of data but restricts access to your files with authentication measures. Through the separate backup system, you have an accessible disaster recovery solution to help you restore all essential information and continue manufacturing procedures as normal with minimal downtime.  

4. Communication Management 

Manufacturing business technology should enable manufacturers to manage communications and changes to product orders to meet customer demands. Having transparency can streamline delivery time if changes are regularly shared during production, saving both time and money for your company. Using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, you can streamline communications with clients while online, enabling you to adapt your manufacturing procedures to meet the clients’ requests. What makes VoIP phone systems unique are how they enable your business to record and review data from customer interactions, helping you to improve customer service procedures throughout your organization. 

Advance Manufacturing Productivity with Kraft 

Manufacturers need efficient, cost-effective, and advanced solutions to keep up with their competition. At Kraft, we recognize as technology advances that business leaders need innovative solutions to meet such a challenge. We proudly support manufacturers within our community with the best IT, software, and hardware solutions to upgrade your office. Want to learn more? Explore our Manufacturing page today. 

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