Accounts Payable

Simplify the accounts payable (AP) process with Kraft’s automation solution.

Most companies must partner with vendors and suppliers to carry out their business. In doing so, invoices are accrued and must be processed. To cut costs and automate tasks, Kraft offers software solutions that will facilitate accounts payable processes, particularly when it comes to handling invoices on time and accurately.

Delivering invoices faster, optimizing costs, and reduce risk—which significantly increase efficiency.


With human error being one of the costliest issues associated with manually processing invoices, your business can be greatly affected. Automating your process with AP tools eliminates manual data entry errors, ensuring that all payments are made correctly and on time, providing reliable results.

Ensures Security

Manual entry and storage leave room for potential security breaches. AP automation allows for more secure storage of sensitive financial information and data, as well as providing extra layers of security to protect your business from threats.

Increase Efficiency

Transform your business with one automated AP solution. Accounts payable automation allows your office to process invoices faster and with fewer errors, eliminating friction and delivering faster results. Streamline your daily operations with AP automation and enable your business to rapidly scale!

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