Business is conducted daily across a wide range of industries and what follows those meaningful transactions between customers and companies is a paper trail of important information.

The Problem with Manual Document Entry

Employees working in all facets within companies undergo the painstaking process of filing and storing those documents and data bits that take up valuable time that could be used for potentially other top-priority tasks. Those important data points that need to be saved can range from an appointment request created by an interested customer who submitted their email address via a form fill on your website, to compiling quarterly progress reports or sorting resolved and open job tickets.

The Solution: Automated Document Entry

Manual document management is nothing short of a tedious process that stalls productivity. Harnessing the power of workflow automation software can now save your business precious time and money. Think of workflow automation as an autopilot for completing tasks by easily moving projects and documents between people, your systems and cloud storage. It’s achieved through a process of rules and logic formulated by your company and those workflows then accomplish tasks, such as sending emails, creating tickets for sales representatives, scheduling jobs in Slack and Zoom, archiving W-2 forms and more.

Introducing DocMgt: Document Entry Made Easy!

Our document management solution, DocMgt, is a revolutionary software that takes automation a step further. The program securely digitizes, organizes and archives crucial documents – employee records, invoices, contracts and more – for easy access anywhere while setting up workflows between colleagues for effortless, clear communication. And, whether you’re accessing data remotely from your smartphone, home computer or laptop, workflow automation software uses encryptions and security features to ensure documents remain compliant.

Let’s face it – we’re in a digital age in which technology is the key to streamlining our businesses. Workflow automation is the perfect customer relationship management system for eliminating and identifying bottlenecks within your company’s process by allowing users to track each step of a task in just a few clicks. Human errors are taken out of the equation, considering your company has taught the software the policies and necessary paths for accomplishing daily jobs within your business.

Whether you’re looking to set up an automatically generated email to customers following an online purchase or need a system to securely store documents, automated workflows are the must-have tools for success. Boosting business productivity is now just a click away!

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