Catherine’s Health Center turns to Kraft for Innovative IT Solutions

Since 1996, the non-profit healthcare organization, Catherine’s Health Center, has served Grand Rapids, Michigan. In their 25 years of service, the volunteer team has developed strong connections throughout their community by providing quality medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare to low-income and uninsured individuals.

Catherine’s Health Center turns to Kraft for Innovative IT Solutions

As their reputation grew, so did the organization. Between 2019 to 2023, the company has grown from a staff of 20 to over 85 people and expanded to four new locations! Yet, this expansion revealed serious flaws within their IT and phone providers.

The Challenge

Catherine’s Financial and HR Director, Dustin Maynes, recalls how they first began their relationship with Kraft Business Systems. Prior to 2019, they only intended to lease Kraft’s Printer/Copier services, “purchas[ing] multi-function printers to replace [our] outdated equipment.” Though Kraft also offered Managed IT solutions with this deal, Catherine’s Health Center declined, opting for other IT and phone service providers to build their infrastructure.

Catherine’s Health Center turns to Kraft for Innovative IT Solutions

However, Dustin notes the IT software, equipment, and cybersecurity applications were “‘MacGyver’-ed together” in a makeshift mess of wires and units stored in “the basement of a church.” As a result, Catherine’s volunteers had limited access to their IT and security systems. If that wasn’t enough, Catherine’s Health Center “didn’t have a great experience” with the phone provider. “The phone solution we went with still required us internally to do a lot of the labor work to get all the numbers set up [as well as] contact and speak [to clients],” stated Dustin.

Lacking the scalability and support needed to compensate for their rapid expansion or regular services, Catherine’s Health Center decided to search for a single provider that could.

Kraft Provides the Solutions

After looking into other providers, Catherine’s Health Center reached back out to Kraft, bringing them on board as their sole service provider for Managed IT, wireless phone services, and office equipment. The final decision came down to growth: Catherine’s Health Center needed a provider for better on-site staff support and guidance on what equipment to keep or update in a single resource.


“Kraft was ultimately the provider that came through for everything [we] needed,” says Dustin.


Knowing their experience in Managed IT backups, contingencies and HIPAA compliance for other healthcare clients, the company knew they could count on Kraft’s team to bring their services “under one roof.”

Despite starting their expansion in 2020—right during the COVID-19 pandemic—Catherine’s Health Center was able to meet their goals for expansion and service clients thanks to Kraft’s resources. Today, the relationship between Catherine’s and Kraft remains strong.

Best of all, team members from any of Catherine’s locations know they can reach out and receive immediate support from Kraft. From Dustin’s own interactions with Kraft’s Director of Partner Success, Kendra Beckman, he’s found resolutions for any IT or technical issues he’s had, with an average turnaround time between one day and less than an hour. Through their ticket-based system, Kraft offers immediate support across Catherine’s Health Center’s entire Grand Rapids network, which continues throughout their ongoing expansion.

Catherine’s Health Center turns to Kraft for Innovative IT Solutions

Kraft Supports Continued Growth

Dustin reports the relationship with Kraft is as strong—if not stronger—since starting their expansion. Thanks to Kraft’s expert support and dedication, Catherine’s Health Center can meet client demand and scale their budget on a cost-per-person metric, improving their financial strategies for the future. Considering everything Catherine’s Health Center has been able to accomplish thus far, Dustin believes using Kraft Business Systems “is well worth the cost” for their above-and-beyond quality of IT services.


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