Why Educational Institutions Should Use Document Management and Storage Solutions


Educational institutions deal with many documents. From application essays, test scores and term
papers to disciplinary actions, all of these documents need a rigorous storage, sharing and
management solution. Consider these ways in which a digital document management solution can
enhance the educational environment.

Easier Access for Collaboration

At institutions of higher education, many educators and students collaborate. If a professor in one
department would like to work with another on a project, a digital document sharing system makes
it easier. Sharing of digital documents would also allow students or professors studying abroad or
on a sabbatical to access documents remotely. These systems allow for access anywhere and
anytime (1).

Simplified Searches for Past Projects

When conducting a research project, both educators and students need to know what work has
already been done. Being able to digitally search through past projects and documents could save
a large amount of time. A digital search through documents can be accomplished with fewer
resources than a manual search would require.

Enhanced Administrative Productivity

Digital storage solutions for documents enhance administrative productivity. Instead of having to
spend time filing papers and retrieving them, maintaining files and shredding things that are no
longer needed, administrative employees can instead focus on more productive pursuits. Less time
spent handling papers allows employees at educational institutions to get more done. This will also
help to lower overhead costs.

Better Student Customer Service

When documents can be managed digitally, educational institutions can deliver better customer
service to their students. For example, loan and scholarship funds can be applied more quickly and
easily when the documentation is managed digitally. Student applications, grades, financial aid
applications and grants can all be managed through digital document management solutions,
allowing students to get the help they need in a timely and efficient manner.

Using these tips could help your educational institution to more efficiently manage all of its
documents, sharing and storage needs.