Even the working documents that are currently in use can benefit from cloud-sharing services. Consider these four top benefits of using document storage and sharing in the cloud.

No Need for Server Maintenance and Upgrades

When you use a cloud-sharing and storage service for your business, you will not have to pay for costly server maintenance and upgrades. For some businesses, server maintenance could cost as much as $10,000 per year (1). Using a cloud service to store and share your documents could eliminate this expense from your annual operating budget. If you have a small business with no information technology staff, a cloud service means that you will not have to hire a contractor to handle server maintenance.

Employees Can Work From Anywhere

Another popular benefit of cloud storage and sharing services is that your employees can access files from anywhere. They will simply log into your company’s cloud services account and be able to access files as if they were at the office. This is helpful when employees need to work from home or complete urgent projects that need a finishing touch in the evening or during the weekend.

Ensure That Your Data Is Backed Up

Forgetting to make backup copies of your files leaves your business vulnerable to hackers. With cloud storage, part of what you pay for is automated backups of your data. If you accidentally forgot to do a backup of your server, you could be in trouble in a power failure or breach. With automated backup software built into your cloud storage plan, your files will be backed up without you having to do anything at all.

Save Time and Space

Having to back up all of your files on a server is time consuming. Servers also require a cool and dry environment, which often means maintaining a separate server room that is secured against unauthorized access. By using cloud storage and sharing, you will not have to use your time or space for servers (2).

On-site servers work for some businesses, but most benefit from the convenience and automation of storing data on the cloud.

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