State and local government agencies are anticipated to use $1.1 trillion in federal aid to support their communities. Yet, growing financial strain has made the management of project reports, legal documents, and time-sensitive contracts exceedingly difficult, especially with increasing demands for better communication and organization from taxpayers. But how can state and local government offices support these demands? The answer: government technology

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Importance of Government Technology 

Organizations around the globe are updating their work processes with IT solutions in every aspect; from digital networks to security applications, offices are looking towards advanced software and hardware to streamline the workplace. 

However, government agencies are unlike any other kind of office. That’s where government technology can make a difference. Empowered by advanced IT Solutions, government agencies can move into using advanced software to ensure faster community growth and privacy of legal documentation. 

How IT Solutions Empower Government Services 

Without proper government technology or software support, officials will struggle to meet their community’s requirements and standards. By investing in quality IT solutions, you can ensure your agency gains benefits like: 

Cloud Storage: Cloud-based software is one of the most secure storage options to use for government technology. By turning physical documents into digital files, state and local government agencies can easily streamline the process of storing, sharing, searching, and updating documents within one simple resource! This means any changes in reports can be easily updated and reviewed by government officials, streamlining the development of essential programs for the community. 

Contract Automation: Within any government office, records and contracts must be processed to organize a project. Whether it’s to repair potholes or demolish a condemned building, each service funded by the government must be coordinated through contracts. Through Kraft’s Electronic Contract Management (ECM) software, government offices can quickly and effectively process contracts faster. Contract automation also ensures better transparency between governments and their communities by constantly updating public records to keep the public informed of major projects. 

KBS Government Technology Ensures Public Transparency

Government technology establishes better communication and transparency by giving regular updates on projects to the public.

Department Unity: Governments are most effective when all departments share information and collaborate on making a difference for their community. Using software solutions, government technology and information can be unified into one single online resource, enabling a more secure means of sharing information between offices. In turn, government workers can capture, process, and review critical data to ensure community-focused decision-making.  

Security Compliance: Cybersecurity is invaluable to governments. As more threats target our government’s data, on-site hard drives aren’t enough to block data breaches! Cybersecurity comes bundled with all the safety and security protocols your agency needs to safeguard important information. This system is constantly updated with the latest security measures, meeting security and privacy compliance without wasting manual time or labor. 

Disaster Recovery: During the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world learned how valuable and vital technology is. The public relies on its government to communicate and manage these issues during these difficult periods, which are only possible with reliable IT. Having access to reports, records, and digital communication lines during disasters can support essential services—including police protection, medical teams, and emergency responders. Backed by Managed IT services, your agency can stay focused on keeping the public calm and safe while knowing your services have constant support. 

Gain Government IT Support from Kraft 

State and local government agencies need better technology to support and protect their community in every capacity. At Kraft, we understand the value of protecting your community with quality service—it’s at the core of our company. Through our IT Solutions, we’re proud to support government offices with top-tier software and hardware to streamline your services. Interested in advancing your agency’s current IT? Explore our IT and Software Solutions pages today to learn how Kraft technology can improve your government!

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