Overcome obstacles and achieve your core government objectives with Kraft’s affordable business tools.

Harness the power of dynamic solutions without breaking your budget. Partnered with premier vendors throughout the government sector, Kraft technology provides government agencies with big budget results at small budget pricing. Achieve your goals with innovative technology that allows for increased productivity, mobility, and better workflow, without sacrificing security, accessibility, or compliance.

Empower your government agency and benefit from technology built with your organization in mind. 

IT Solutions

Access innovative technology that unlocks the potential of your agency with solutions designed to meet high-level security requirements and strict compliancy standards.

Copiers & Printers

Safeguard your sensitive data and operate more affordably with copiers and printers provided by Kraft Business Systems.

Software Services

Streamline and optimize workflow with a software strategy that’s customized to meet your specific needs.


State and Local Government

Stretch your budget with Kraft’s wide range of technology solutions. Capture, process, and collaborate on critical documents while protecting data integrity and accessing information when and where it’s needed. Seamlessly integrate leading ECM business systems to make faster, smarter decisions and improve customer service to constituents.

Accessibility/Section 508

Accessibility/Section 508 makes certain that products are truly user-friendly for everyone, from design to application. Kraft follows best practices such as utilizing tilting control panels, easy-to-read menus, and smooth-sliding paper drawers to ensure everyone can benefit from its technology.


Kraft ECM bundles solutions to satisfy all the safety protocols and regulations required for your government agency. Rest assured knowing your information is safeguarded by enhanced security measures.


Kraft’s data center partner can build and configure enterprise-class Windows-based servers, offer secure off-site data storage, and cloud backup and disaster recovery services that are unmatched.

Print Management

Reduce document costs and improve the longevity of your resources with print management solutions that can effectively monitor print usage, measure output, and manage devices. Kraft’s auditing service identifies insufficiencies and optimizes operations by eliminating underutilized equipment and automating services and supplies.


IT Solutions


The onslaught of restrictions and regulations within the government sector makes it difficult to navigate your agency’s capabilities and what systems to follow.


Kraft’s software and hardware solutions are tailored to fit your government agency’s needs, meaning all regulations are handled for you. 

Copiers & Printers


Balancing printing needs while working within your budget is tough. Finding a way to cut printing costs without losing the ability to effectively perform tasks seems challenging.


After a comprehensive audit, Kraft will develop a solution and show you how to optimize your operations, saving you time and money. 

Software Services


The overwhelming amounts of paperwork your agency works with on a daily basis take up storage space, time, and your ability to work efficiently.


Kraft partners with your agency to help you systemize your operations to optimize your daily workflow. 

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