Overhead costs are a hurdle every business must handle, and they frequently rise due to mailing output and delivery services as your business grows. At Kraft Business Systems, we recognize the strain mailing processes put on your organization—cost- and management-wise—offer comprehensive Mailing Solutions to improve both your productivity and postage expenses.  

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An Overview of Mailing Solutions 

Mailing solutions are a selection of services that help you strategize and optimize your mailing processes without increasing costs. Through mailing solutions, IT experts provide you with innovative mailing tools to streamline each stage of the postage process within your company. This includes automated folder inserters and postage meters, which are machines that seamlessly pack, ship, and track all your outgoing deliveries. Additionally, cloud-based mailing systems store important files within a secure digital platform and streamline deliveries. 

3 Ways Mailing Solutions Reduce Postage Costs 

Besides excelling in productivity and efficiency, mailing solutions can significantly cut down on postage costs for your company through: 

1. Automation 

Since mailing solutions are automated, they streamline your business’ mailing output. Through mailing automation, Kraft ensures all your deliveries, packages, and documents are uniform, professional, and sent to the correct address on time. You’ll be able to control and manage deliveries with pinpoint accuracy, enabling you to monitor your postage budget and cut down expenses on re-delivery orders or mislabeled envelopes. Moreover, you’ll be able to weigh and scale large volumes of packages using postage meters and folder inserters, saving you money on wasted time or manual labor processing mail. 

Mailing solutions iconography as depicted by woman holding tablet next to late with mail icons and globe overlayed on image.

Mailing Solutions help you automate and track deliveries to contacts throughout your business.

2. Shipping & Tracking 

Cloud-based mailing software helps you track, analyze, and store data on all shipments. This allows your business to report to customers where their packages are and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of delivery. Since this software is cloud-based, you can easily track and store data from each delivery, which can help you keep client information organized within your network and streamline mailing orders in the future. 

3. Optimization 

By using mailing solutions, you repurpose critical time, energy, and expenses used on mailing processes toward other projects and improve your organizational growth. By allowing Kraft to manage and monitor your outgoing mail, your staff can focus on completing important client projects, improving workflow, and developing closer relationships with customers. We’re here to support your business goals; as such, our team will work with you to tailor and integrate the solutions you need to meet your goals. Kraft will provide everything you need—from software to hardware—along with digital invoices so you can improve your budget and take control over your mailing output every step of the way. 

Improve Your Budget with Kraft’s Mailing Solutions 

From automated postage equipment to tracking software, mailing solutions enable businesses to reduce their costs while increasing output and delivery. Through Kraft’s mailing solutions, you enjoy great mailing results on the time and budget you need. Visit our Mailing Solutions page to learn more. 

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