What type of businesses can benefit from a MPS program?

Everyone! Especially any business that is document-intensive. Whether you’re a small business with one printer or enterprise with a fleet of printing devices, we can design a print management solution for you with a guarantee of greater efficiency, cost savings and workflow optimization.

How does this benefit you?

You can eliminate or reduce most ownership concerns. With the option to lease equipment into monthly payments- we take care of maintenance, repairs, disposal and upgrades.

Can we manage your current print devices so we don’t have to buy new ones?

Yes- and we recommend it. As long as the device is in good working condition and an approved brand, we can offer a competitive cost per page that will include maintenance as well.

How are you saving money if we already own our equipment?

Without a managed print service in place, each page you print uses a varying amount of toner, meaning there is a varying cost per page. With a MPS plan, you can control your costs and expenditures with a fixed cost per page.

How will you be invoiced?

You will receive a monthly itemized invoice for the number and type of prints made from across your entire fleet. This gives you a holistic view of your companies print environment, and the ability to make any necessary adjustments.

What support is available?

With a focus on customer service, we offer on-site maintenance as well as remote technical support- guaranteeing the lowest downtime possible

How can you get started?

Ask us for an office assessment. Whether over the phone or a rep comes to you, we can provide you a fact-based report and cost comparison. A lot of companies don’t realize how much they are spending in printing costs over the course of the year and it’s our job to uncover that for you, and see if there are any improvements that can be made.

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