Our Kraft Business Systems team is excited to announce this month’s employee spotlight, Bill McMurray. Bill is our Director of Imaging Services and has been with our team for 22 years. We sat down with Bill to discuss his role and experience at Kraft Business Systems. 

1. What is Your Educational and Career Background?

My educational background is very diverse; I came from the funeral industry and then took some business classes at our local Community college. I have a long list of manufacturing certifications from various manufacturers over the 22 years I’ve been here at Kraft Business Systems.

2. What is Your Role at Kraft Business Systems?

I’ve done a lot of different jobs here at Kraft, from dispatching to sales, purchasing, and then to service. I ran service calls for 10 years and eventually migrated my way up to the Director of Imaging Services. 

3. What Made You Choose Kraft Business Systems? What Drew You to This Company?

Honestly, I met Jeff and Patty Cousins, and I knew this is the place I wanted to be. Here at Kraft, we work based on our core values: we will succeed, we do what is right, we are willing to take risks, we don’t keep secrets and are transparent, and we give back to our community. We respect, support, and encourage colleagues and clients all the same. 

4. In your time at Kraft, What Motivates You, and What Makes Kraft Special? 

My drive to make Kraft a better place is my livelihood; I care about the team of people around Kraft as we are all like family. My motivation is to succeed, I don’t want to fail myself, my family, or my team. That is my driving force. Kraft is special because we truly care about our, “Relentless Commitment to the Clients Experience.” We are constantly learning new ways to service our clients better and faster daily. An example of that is the AR software we use when appropriate to mitigate downtime.

5. What Do You Love to Do in Your Free Time? 

I love to fish all year, especially ice fishing. I travel around the state in my free time to various lakes all winter long. I also love to spend time with family and friends as well. 

6. What is Something Unique About You That Few People Are Aware of? 

Something that is unique about me and only a few people are aware of is that 2 years ago, I became an ordained minister and have performed a few weddings.  

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