Here at Kraft Business Systems, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible office IT solutions and opportunities to help our customers succeed. A large part of this continuous success comes from our Partner Success Group. Today, we’re proud to sit down with a member of the Group, Madi Deckrow, to discuss her experiences and efforts in building relationships with customers of Kraft Business Systems. 

1. Describe Your Career and Educational Background. 

Prior to working at Kraft, I got my degree from Michigan State University, where I then worked in the service industry for several years. I interned for two years at Bradford White iTec as part of their Customer Service team, doing data entry and website design to aid in the efficiency of their parts and supplies ordering system for both the inside sales team and wholesale customers. 

2. What is Your Role at Kraft Business System, and What Does Your Job Entail? 

I am part of the Partner Success team here at Kraft. I work to establish relationships with our current customers to make sure they continue to have a good experience at Kraft, as well as have the resources to better enable their business. The Partner Success Group works to bring technological innovation and efficiency to our clients. 

3. What Led You to Work for Kraft Business Systems?  

I have known members of the Kraft Business Systems team for most of my life, I knew that Kraft would be a great place to grow among kind, hardworking people. I originally started out at Kraft in a different position, transitioning to the Partner Success Group after a short amount of time. So far, I have been with Kraft for about a year and a half. 

4. What Inspired You to Pursue the Career You Have Today?  

My history in the service industry inspired me to pursue my current career. I have always enjoyed working directly with people, so it was very important to me to find a job that allowed me to continue working in personable ways. My favorite part of my job is getting to interact with people: both the people of Kraft, and the great clients in my territory. 

5. What is the Most Unique Part About Working for Kraft? 

I think the most unique part of working for Kraft is the company culture. People are close and personable like one big family; it’s more than just working for a company. There is so much room to grow, and people genuinely care.  

6. How Have You Grown Professionally While Working with Kraft’s Partner Success Team?  

I have grown professionally in so many ways. I have had some great mentors in the Sales/Partner Success teams, and I’ve learned confidence and business skills from shadowing people who have done it for years. They have given me tools I will carry with me into any aspect of my life.  

7. Tell us a Fun Fact about Yourself that Most People Don’t Know. 

A fun fact about myself is that I love spending my time doing physical activity! Outside of hiking and weight training, I am also a certified yoga teacher.

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