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Kraft offers a free supply assessment of your copiers & printers to determine the most economical application of technology and supplies. Providing you with detailed information about your usage including user and departmental volume, cost per page, and recommendations for a scheduled delivery of all the supplies you need.

Kraft delivers what you need to sustain the most competitive business operation possible, helping your office run smoothly and efficiently.


Save Money


Companies don’t realize how many documents are used daily, who is printing them, and how to control it. One of the hidden costs of printing is overbuying supplies your office doesn’t need. Kraft will figure out and manage how much your workplace prints, what supplies you need, and what it costs for your entire business.


Manage Equipment


No more guesswork: you get the equipment you need. From the number of digital copiers to laser printers your office needs, Kraft experts will audit your print environment. You’ll be able to select the office equipment that fits your staff’s needs, your existing operating systems, and your long-term business goals.


Improve Productivity


Kraft will identify the best opportunities for you by placing equipment in the best locations in your office to maximize productivity, identify ineffective processes and make them efficient while improving security to help meet regulatory requirements. Save time with scheduled deliveries of supplies of Kraft’s management.

Supplies Solutions

Why have print supply assessment?

Print assessments help drive change and improvement. Printing supplies are delivered when they’re needed. Most businesses depend heavily on printed sales forms, printed statements, and invoices. Kraft is dedicated to addressing your printing needs.

What will Kraft do for you?

Kraft will take over the responsibility of searching, sourcing, managing, and delivering. Helping you save time, confusion, and frustration so you can achieve your goals.

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