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Engaged Committment

In a typical office, printers and copiers are often the biggest energy consumers. These machines are vital to almost every workplace, and because they are so important to office communication they can eat up a large piece of your budget. To help reduce this expense, sustainable units can help manage a budget while protecting the environment.

For nearly 20 years, Kraft has focused largely on the sale of new Sharp and HP printers. Even though Kraft has taken a new direction recently, gravitating toward Copystar and Lexmark products, the Sharp and HP printers won’t be left behind. We will take slightly used Sharps from the field.

Sustainability Services

Through Kraft’s Sustainability Managed Services, we will take slightly used Panasonics from the field and rebuild them with parts from others in the same product line; thus, providing a sustainable option for the company on a tight budget.

The Kraft AIM Assessment

Get Your Business Sustainable

See for yourself how our AIM assessment can provide the cost savings and outsourced solutions you need to boost your office sustainability while cutting your bottom line. Take our free Kraft AIM Assessment online.

The Kraft AIM Assessment provides:

  • An efficiency report of your current technology
  • Cost saving opportunities
  • Workflow management improvements
  • Security and backup checks