Workplace Safety

Temperature Screening Solutions

Do you need high-precision body temperature measurement that ensures no contact contamination? Do you want a simple temperature measurement device that provides accurate, first-level screening of your staff, employees and visitors? Are you challenged by obtaining accurate data and images for all people who enter your facility? We can help.

thermal sensor

Fast & Easy Screening

Temperature Screening Kiosks

Give your employees and visitors a fast entry while capturing the data that your monitoring team needs to act on scans that exceed your temperature guidelines.

This is one of many screening options we can provide based on your needs.

  • No Contact Contamination
  • Accurate Results in Seconds
  • Dashboard Monitoring
  • 'Plug & Play' Installation

Safe, Secure & Efficient

Our goal is to provide you with the best technology for your organization so that you can screen and track employees and visitors, meet compliance obligations and get back to business. Contact our team to learn more.

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Features Overview

  • Kentix SmartXcan thermal sensor scans in seconds
  • 700 people per hour, per device
  • MOBOTIX i26 camera provides high-resolution images
  • Dashboard view shows data at-a-glance
  • Touch-free and contact-free
  • No support staff required
  • Customizable ranges & reporting
  • Automatic email or text message notifications
  • Pedestal and desktop options
  • Low maintenance & compact
  • Cloud management capability
  • Data storage planning & security

Ready to take control of your safety?