As the modern world uses technology more and more, you use digital platforms to store data and information, but what if someone accessed your private information or installed ransomware on one of your devices? Bad news, right? Well, what if this happened to an entire company? Imagine the negative impact it could have on the company. As a business owner who relies on digital clouds, taking steps towards improving your security is essential for your success. Here are a few IT business solutions that you can implement today to secure your company. 

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What IT Business Solutions Can You Implement Today?

1. Zero Trust Cybersecurity 

Zero Trust security assumes no trust with anyone inside or outside the organization and continuously verifies the user by authenticating, authorizing, and validating before granting access to an application or the company’s data. Before this method was used, most security networks would assume all connections within the company should be trusted and allowed to navigate throughout the company’s cloud. However, this allowed insiders to access sensitive data.   

Zero Trust security constantly reviews the trustworthiness of the source by monitoring the user’s activity for indication of a compromised account. This approach protects the most sensitive files while granting a simple-to-use framework for companies. With zero trust cybersecurity, your organization will be able to 

  • Expand security protection across multiple computing environments  
  • Continuously monitor and respond to signs of compromise  
  • Prevent data breaches 
  • Gain visibility into users, devices, components, and workloads 
  • Ensure organizational security

2. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional safety step when logging into an account. Normally, when signing into an account, a user inputs their username and password. If a bad actor has access to this information, they can access the account and the company’s information. With one extra step, this situation can be prevented. In addition to the standard username and password, MFA adds one or more of the following verification methods: 

  • Knowledge (or “something you know”) – The person attempting to sign in is asked a question or given an additional password or PIN to input. However, outsiders could gain access to this information, so it might not be the most secure option 
  • Possession (or “something you have”) – A user might be asked to input a code sent to them through text or email to input when signing into their account, or the verification could use a token, key fob, or smartcard that can be inserted into the device. 
  • Inheritance (or “something you are”) – This verification process uses biometrics like fingerprint, facial, voice, or retinal scans to verify your identity. 

A combination of these categories can create a secure sign-in process that makes it more difficult for an outsider to access the company’s data. 

3. Employee Training Program 

Regardless of industry, almost every employee needs to be trained in different skills. However, many employees are not trained enough in cybersecurity. Most data breaches are not very complicated, in fact, 88% of data breaches are caused by human error. Taking the time to train and encourage your employees to take the necessary steps to avoid cybersecurity attacks can effectively reduce the risk of ransomware and malware.  

Through these training programs, employees are notified of potential tactics cybercriminals will use, like spoofing, which is the practice of sending emails that look legitimate but include malware links. They can also gain experience in developing more secure login information with stronger passwords. These training sessions will contribute to the overall security of your company’s data. 

Contact Kraft Business Solutions 

Protecting the information stored in your cloud from cyberattacks is imperative. Taking these steps can effectively improve the security of your company’s data. If you need help with implementing these solutions or establishing a more robust security framework for your company, contact Kraft Business Solutions.  

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