Kraft Business Systems offers a single and responsive resource to optimize and improve the efficiency of your business operations. It all begins with the proven Kraft AIM™ Process: Assess. Implement. Manage. Here’s how it works:

ASSESS: Assessment of your office technology and methodologies.

The Kraft AIM™ process begins with a FREE analysis of your office equipment and operations from copy machines, workstations, tablets, and phone system to complete IT and disaster recovery protocols. Our professional assessment team pinpoints areas where you can improve efficiency while significantly reducing costs. We’ll also show you how new equipment and services can pay for themselves while taking your office to the next level of competitive performance.

IMPLEMENT: Implementation of technology and services.

We source the best office equipment technologies and integrate best practices in office management to meet your needs while lowering costs and increasing overall productivity. Kraft offers the leading brands and systems in business equipment technology available in the industry today to help you maintain your edge in your marketplace.

MANAGE: Management, service, and support.

After installation, implementation, and integration of new office technologies, Kraft provides ongoing service and support to maintain optimal performance. Kraft maintains a 24 x 7 IT help desk with three levels of support to meet the urgency of any situation—whether it’s servicing equipment, restoring workstation functionality, or answering security breaches, we will have your infrastructure back up and running as soon as possible.


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