Businesses that collect, process, and store personal data are responsible for protecting that information. To effectively do this, data security and data privacy strategies must be implemented. But when it comes to data privacy vs data security, most people use these terms incorrectly and confuse them. While there are similarities, there are also fundamental differences that enhance your data protection within your company.  

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Comparing Data Privacy vs Data Security 

Businesses must implement security measures to protect sensitive information such as identities, finances, and health records from cybercriminals. The difference between data privacy and security comes down to what data is being protected, who is being protected, and from whom it is being protected.

What is Data Security? 

Data security is focused on preventing unauthorized access to data. Its purpose is to protect information assets from criminal activity and protect your data from insider threats and human error. Businesses face the reality that 95% of successful cyberattacks are the result of human error. In other words, data security protects data from both external and internal threats  

When data security is planned and implemented correctly, a company’s data assets are protected against multiple forms of cyberattacks. To achieve this, organizations use tools, such as firewalls, user authentication, internal security practices, and so on. Having data security is essential because a breach or leak can have dire consequences for your organization. Therefore, having security measures is critical to the success of your business. 

What is Data Privacy? 

Data privacy regulates who has access to personal information and personal health. Common types of information under data privacy guidelines include birthdays, names, social security numbers, and medical information. Almost every business holds and collects personal information from its shareholders, customers, and employees. As a business owner, your organization is responsible for protecting private information and must guarantee that data is only accessible to authorized individuals.  

Data privacy helps establish who can view and use sensitive information and data. By having a strong data privacy safeguard, your organization can prevent unauthorized users from accessing data. Furthermore, data privacy is critical to your business’ regulatory compliance, and if a business fails to comply with data privacy rules and guidelines, it may face fines and the loss of public trust. Your organization can avoid these penalties and safeguard its reputation through data privacy guidelines. The key difference is that data privacy is about ensuring only those who are authorized to access the data can be able to. 

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The terms data security and data privacy are often used interchangeably, but they are different. One thing is certain: protecting data is critical. Without these measures, your company is vulnerable. To ensure safety, you need to implement data security and privacy correctly. For more information about data security and privacy, reach out to one of our professionals at Kraft, where we can provide security solutions. 

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