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Why Managed Print?

How much does your company spend on printing? Mismanaged print environments can cost your business up to 15 percent of your total revenue. This means that a company with an annual revenue of $2.5 million could spend about $375,000 on document output and management each year. MPS helps you understand and control what you spend by centralizing printer-related activity and optimizing your print fleet. Learn more about the benefits of managed print services.

Verified Savings

Kraft Business Systems’ Managed Print Services (MPS) are designed to help companies regain control of their print infrastructure and printing costs by outsourcing the management of their printer fleets. Our unique end-to-end MPS program handles all aspects of the printer lifecycle, including hardware, supplies, service, parts, and software. We can tailor services based on your company’s unique workflows and provide custom solutions that will optimize your printing processes and equipment.

Secure Solutions

You may not be aware, but many printer/copiers can be hacked and most modern devices have local storage. Our security measures keep you protected from internal and external threats.

Budget Friendly

Kraft offers solutions for every budget, including certified pre-owned copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines. Whatever your business or industry. We'll find the perfect device to seamlessly integrate and outperform past solutions. All within your organization's budget.

Managed Print Services

What is it and who can benefit from it.

Managed Print Services can be a lot of things, but the end result is what matters most - gaining clarity and control of your printing and document needs in order to help your organization cut costs and save money, boost productivity and efficiency, and streamline workflows.

Managed print services also help you improve environmental sustainability and document security. Managed print services include the total cost of:

  • managing
  • optimizing
  • supporting
  • fixing
  • training


A good managed print services partner will be able to analyze your current print infrastructure to determine what's working and what's not and where you can make improvements that you aren't aware of. 

More often than not, a new, advanced printing solution can actually save you money. When you go through an assessment with a company like Kraft, you'll get:

  • a guide to reducing the number printing devices you need, while still maintaining organization efficiency
  • a plan to always be proactively replenishing supplies before you are set back
  • an overview of ways to reduce your overall environmental footprint
  • the ability to allow telecommuters and remote workers easy and secure printing access
  • training to help your employees learn the new technology and system
  • a breakdown of how to turn slow, paper-filled process to automated digital processes


Yes. In most cases, we're able to help you discover a more efficient workflow, suggest the most advanced technology to help you solve your unique problems, and completely manage implementation, training, and support from end to end.

We want to make sure MPS is right for your organization. We start by doing a complete assessment of your print and digital needs. We'll make recommendations and find the best technology and ongoing support to meet your budget, increase business efficiency, and make overall print management painless.

Copier and Printer Service Areas

MPS Printing Services for Michigan

We serve all of Michigan, including the following metro areas:

Grand Rapids






Grand Haven

Traverse City

The Kraft AIM Assessment

Discover Your Best Print/Copy Solution

See for yourself how our Managed Print Services can provide the cost savings and outsourced solutions you need to boost your office efficiency while cutting your bottom line. Take our free Kraft AIM Assessment online.

  • Takes 60 seconds.
  • Get print efficiency score.

The Kraft AIM Assessment provides:

  • An efficiency report of your current technology
  • Cost saving opportunities
  • Workflow management improvements
  • Security and backup checks

Ready for the perfect print/copy solution?

We assess your print needs then make a recommendation. Let's solve your print infrastructure needs.