Here at Kraft Business Systems, we have an extraordinary team who are dedicated and ambitious. This month, we are excited to spotlight Kendra Beckman who has been with our team for 11 years. We wanted to share her role and experience with Kraft Business Systems.

1. Can You Tell Us About Your Background? 

I graduated from Cornerstone University with a double major in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. I also played basketball and softball there. I’ve been working in the technology space in some form since 2005 (Yikes, that sure ages me!!). Besides Kraft, I’ve also worked in Sales for Verizon and as a Business Specialist for Apple.

2. What is your Role at Kraft Business Systems?

I joined the Kraft Business team about 11 years ago, split into two parts. I started with Kraft for 5 years, moved to Nashville for a few years, then came back to Kraft when I moved back to Grand Rapids, and it’s been almost 6 years! Currently, I am the Director of our Partners Success Group. It’s our teams’ job to continue to build relationships with our customers, and ensure we are driving everyone to our goal of “a relentless commitment to the client experience.” 

3. Why Did You Choose to Work for Kraft?

I’ve known Jeff and the Cousins family for almost 20 years. I started at Kraft fresh out of college, working for someone I knew was important to me. But I came BACK to Kraft because of the culture of a family-owned business. I learned that no job was going to be perfect, but if I enjoyed the people I worked with and the organization was one of integrity, always striving to do the right thing, I could make that a place where I could have a career.

4. Do You Have a Favorite Part of Your Job?

By far the people! Both my coworkers and our partners. I’m a pretty social person by nature, and the relationships I’ve been able to build on both sides have been some of the best. We are a group that truly is committed to the partnerships we have. We are always striving to grow, to be better, and to equip ourselves in new ways, with new products and tools to better serve our growing client base. We know we aren’t perfect, but we will always do what’s right. And having a group of people working together like that makes this place pretty special. 

5. What Do You Like to do in Your Free Time?

Oh man, I like to do a lot of things! But to name a few… I enjoy coaching (basketball and t-ball), I sing, I love spending time on our boat on Lake Michigan, trying new restaurants, breweries, and distilleries, and more than anything, spending time with my family and friends doing all those things! 

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