A local law firm recently chose
Kraft Business Systems as their primary vendor. Like most other companies, this law firm had a different vendor for each and every technical issue. They had one for their phone systems, another for their copiers, another for IT,
and so on.

Things were chaotic. In fact, when asked, this law firm wasn’t even sure if their backup system was working.

What happens when something goes wrong and everything is lost?

Everyone in the office was wasting time trying to figure out what vendor to call for what issue. Could this be a network issue? Or would it be considered a printer, fax or copier issue? Is it communications? Or should we call IT?

And when you do manage to get a hold of one vendor, they blame another for the problem that you’re experiencing. Sound familiar?

Not anymore. Kraft Business Systems ties all of these things together by becoming your single source supplier for IT managed services, telecommunications, imaging (copy/print/scan/fax) and document management (paperless office). Eliminate wasted time and money with the one call, one click and one source: Kraft Business Systems.

Mission-critical Technology Solutions
Delivered and managed through Kraft Care™ – One Source, Managed Services Program.

With a comprehensive range of integrated technology solutions and services, imaging equipment, print management cost control services, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, Kraft Business Systems delivers customized Technology Solutions that address your personal business needs.

Kraft Care™ Managed Services help optimize your organization’s IT capabilities in a cost-effective manner. By partnering with Kraft Business Systems, you are leveraging our deep expertise, pressure-tested methods and track record of success; our secure and dependable infrastructure, supported by continued investment; and our commitment to excellence in customer service.

Consulting is at the core of our solutions. Thorough expertise and knowledge in IT outsourced services ,business continuity and disaster recovery, virtualization technologies, storage, security, imaging and print, document and forms management are grown through new insights and experiences every day.

We use these insights to continuously improve our problem-solving skills to better understand your needs, provide cost controlling solutions, transform your IT operations and guarantee results.

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