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Technology in education is evolving at a rapid rate, so create the future of learning for your students and teachers through innovation. The education sector must work at a high capacity, but it is the most frequent target of ransomware attacks since cybercriminals exploit financial and sensitive information.

Kraft delivers and transforms learning experiences through technology solutions that support security, smart schools, and immersive learning.

IT Solutions

Strengthen, secure, and modernize your network infrastructure and minimize vulnerability to cyberattacks with Kraft’s simple solutions.

Copiers & Printers

Innovate the way you work and give your teachers and students the technology they need.

Software Services

Streamline document distribution! Sharing files is now simple, efficient, and secure.

Education Management Solutions

Print Management

Print Management brings accountability and control of printed output to your district or campus. Monitor and control student and staff printing. Integrate with back-end transactional systems. Control and return expenses to students.

3D Printing

For higher education institutions, 3D printers are an effective learning tool for conveying concepts in just about any discipline of education. Kraft will help you empower your students to produce their own content and introduce them to a new, modern, iterative process for problem-solving.


You need to protect proprietary course content and safeguard student information in compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines. Kraft’s IT services for education include solutions that provide secure and compliant printing and scanning, protecting your students’ and staff’s information.


Teachers and administrators need to stay connected—to students, classrooms, and offices district-wide. We have solutions to allow users to print and manage records on networked bizhub, MFPs, access school documents, and collaborate with students and teachers with third-party providers including:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • SharePoint
  • Evernote


IT Solutions


You need to protect your students and staff; their information, their physical security, their ability to learn by utilizing reliable technology.


Kraft partners with the leaders in school software and hardware solutions that all support protecting what matters most. 

Copiers & Printers


Printing is a necessity in education, but with the right print solutions, it will unlock student creativity.


Kraft offers a wide range of copiers and printers that brings your educational institution up to speed with the rapidly evolving world. 

Software Services


Education is on the move. It’s happening everywhere with powerful devices at your students’ fingertips. You need to adapt and utilize technology, allowing students to access their documents, collaborate, and create.


Kraft has ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions that can integrate with your current software and hardware, helping you get the most out of your tools. 

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