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Education Technology Solutions

  • IT Solutions

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Education Technology Solutions

We stay on top of the best education technology solutions, so you don't have to.

school gate
Featured Solution

School Security

We partner with SchoolGate Guardian because they are leaders in school security and school visitor management. Through SchoolGate, we offer the most comprehensive school check-in system. 

  • Fast And Easy School Visitor Logging And Tracking
  • Instantaneous Sex Offender Checks
  • Customizable Unwanted Visitor Registries
  • Time-Expiring School Visitor ID Badge Technology
  • School Emergency Mass Alerts
  • Student Information System (SIS) Integration
  • Tardy Student Tracking
  • Much, much more!

Education Management Systems

Get a Connected, Collaborative, and Secure Classroom.

Print Management brings accountability and control of printed output to your district or campus.

Using a managed print services provider will surprise you with how much money and resources you’ll save.

Our education-specific print management services and device management solutions will help realize this.

Monitor and control student and staff printing. Integrate with back-end transactional systems. Control and charge-back costs to students.

3D printing is incredibly popular in classrooms right now.

We've partnered with 3D printers and MyStemKits for curriculum.

For Higher Education institutions, 3D printers can be an effective learning tool for conveying concepts in just about any discipline of education.

We'll help you empower your students to produce their own content and introduce them to a new, modern, iterative process for problem-solving.

Security in classrooms, campuses and libraries is an important requirement today.

You need to protect proprietary course content and safeguard student information in compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines.

Through our partner, Konica Minolta, our devices incorporate a wide range of standard data security functions and FERPA-compliant features.

Your staff probably doesn't have the time or expertise to configure settings. We can do it for you. Our IT services for education include solutions that provide secure and compliant printing and scanning, protecting your students' and staff information.

Teachers and administrators need to stay connected - to students, classrooms, and offices district-wide. We have solutions to allow users to print and manage records on networked bizhub, MFPs, access school documents, and collaborate with students and teachers with the best third party providers like:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Sharepoint
  • Evernote

This can be done securely anytime from anywhere.

We work with a partner, Konica Minolta, to provide collaborative digital classroom tools that equip students to become creators and producers.

Our tools help facilitate entrepreneurship and provide new opportunities to enhance problem-solving and challenge-based learning. 

For higher education wee offer cloud-based collaboration, file-sharing tool and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that can make enormous impacts on your administrative efficiencies.

We'll help your institution realize cost-effective print management, 3D printing, IT, enhanced security and improved management of student documents. 

With our industry-leading hardware and software solutions for scanning, printing, networking, and streamlining administrative workflow, we help libraries to improve services and expand access to meet current and future needs.

Problem - Solution Spotlight

How we solve your education technology problems.

  • IT Solutions


You need to protect your students and staff; their information, their physical security, their ability to learn by utilizing reliable technology, the list goes on.


Kraft partners with the leaders in school software and hardware solutions that all support protecting what matters most.

  • Copiers & Printers


Printing is a necessity in education. But, the right print solutions can also unlock student creativity.


Kraft offers a wide range of copiers and printers that get the job done, but also inspire. It might sound silly, but you'd be amazed at what your printer can do inside the classroom.

  • Document Management


Education is on the move. It's happening anywhere and everywhere with powerful devices at your students' fingertips. You need to adapt and utilize technology, allowing students to access their documents, collaborate, and create.


Kraft has ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions that can integrate with your current software and hardware, helping you get the most out of your tools.

Ready to master your technology for education?