Government Technology

Kraft can satisfy core government objectives by providing a wide range of business tools that are cost-effective solutions, built to conform to even the tightest budgets.

Technology for the Future

Kraft partners with some of the best vendors in the government sector to bring solutions to government agencies that typically can only be provided to organizations with big budgets. Your work is vital. Your tools shouldn't be outdated and lack innovation. 

Government Technology Solutions

  • IT Solutions

  • Copiers & Printers

  • Document Management

Government Technology Overview

Get more done with less.

Michigan governmental agencies must handle a thousand tasks with funds for only a hundred.

The impossible is possible with a trusted partner like Kraft Business Systems.

Our wide range of technology solutions offer help to agencies and departments that is unmatched. We can help you capture, process and collaborate on critical documents and content, protect data integrity and access precise information when and where it's needed.

We offer seamless integration and support of leading ECM business systems that allow you to see all your relevant information to make faster, smarter decisions and improve customer service to constituents.

Accessibility / Section 508 makes certain that products are truly user-friendly for everyone, from design to application.

Our government solutions incorporate the ideals of Section 508 into the design of all of its office machines.

We provide products that are designed for everyone everywhere, no matter their disability, according to all state and federal regulations.

Tilting control panels. Easy-to-read menus. Smooth-sliding paper drawers.

Security and compliance both haunt government agencies with a sea of restrictions and regulations – from records management and archiving to information governance.

Our ECM bundles solutions to meet all of those requirements so that you can achieve compliance and enhance security. You can be sure that on our devices confidential data remains confidential.

Mobility has given our work increased productivity.

But great productivity comes with big responsibilities. There are huge risks when working with sensitive government data on a mobile network.

You need to be compliant and productive, but you'll need to know how to protect your network from foreign devices that may access your network.

More devices on your network make your network more vulnerable to security breaches, non-compliance issues, data loss or corruption.

Our data center partner can build and configure enterprise-class, Windows-based servers, offer secure off-site data storage, cloud backup and disaster recovery services that are unmatched.

Better Print Management can significantly reduce document costs. Cutting costs are crucial to managing scarce public or private resources.

With our print management solutions, you can more effectively monitor print usage, measure output and manage devices.

We’ll evaluate your workplace print and document management workflow as it is today, then allocate equipment to eliminate underutilized devices and automate service and supplies to keep your devices working at peak performance.

We’ll help you recover costs in public-access reproduction centers and manage your electronic documents. 

Problem - Solution Spotlight

How we solve your government technology problems.

  • IT Solutions


Restrictions and regulations are all over the place, making it difficult to navigate what you can and can't do, and what systems you need to follow.


We stay on top of those regulations for you; implementing software and hardware solutions and workflows that were built with your regulations and restrictions in mind.

  • Copiers & Printers


You've got a tight budget to work with but no end to your printing needs. Printing costs are one of the best places to cut costs.


We'll audit your print needs and show you a better way. Saving you time and money. It's that simple.

  • Document Management


Your agency has a lot of paperwork to manage.


Kraft teams up with your agency to help you systemize your deep sea of document management.

Ready to take control of your technology?