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We focus on your technology so you can stay on top of your caseload and gain a competitive edge. Secure your infrastructure, increase firm productivity, reduce costs, and automate processes.

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Law Firm Technology

Bring your firm to the future. Leave your competition behind.

Your law firm's technology demands are critical. To improve your clients' experience you need to make sure you have complex compliance and security issues handled.
There's a lot to keep in mind. You've got enough demands on your plate. You don't need another. We've got you covered with a legal-specific portfolio of solutions to help you.
Our team provides world-class MFPS, cloud and managed IT services, a Law Firm Helpdesk, VoiP, workflow analysis and review, data management and security solutions and more.

Public sector agencies can reach higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and accessibility, thanks to our products and services.

We've delivered data security and compliance consultation with cost-effective business technology to the public sector for decades. We've seen the public sector evolve and we've identifying solutions to be ahead of the changes.

We can handle your document capture, document management, workflow management, and environmental sustainability. 

Corporate counsel must serve the needs of its corporate parent, which makes it difficult to address its own needs.

We help in-house legal departments reduce costs and address their own needs by integrating their existing software applications and hardware with innovative solutions.

We streamline legal workflows and industry-specific IT Support. We’ll prove to that we can fulfill your goals in areas like eDiscovery, computer forensics and managed review services, document collaboration, document management, and disaster recovery/business continuity.

Security and compliance measures are beginning to account for a large and growing portion of a law firm's IT budget.

Firms like yours have become a treasure trove for hackers because they tend to be the least guarded path to your clients’ confidential data.

You need policies and advanced legal records management measures that identify potential risks and mitigate them. 

We offer multiple security services, including ethical hacking, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, managed IT and cloud services, and cybersecurity planning.

Mobility brings with it another best practice challenge to your law firm.

Kraft can help you confidently develop and implement a mobile management strategy that equips your team with confidence, streamlines your workflow and solves your specific problems.

Our IT solutions can provide your firm with wireless access, the ability to accommodate multiple devices, and ensure data security and compliance through mobile device management.

Print Management is often a very effective way of cutting costs due to all the paper you generate for your clients.

You need an automated system for cost reductions that include cost recovery solutions and is fully integrated with your network. We've got just that.

We can create a custom system with our devices that integrate into your network securely and conveniently handle your workflow, network faxing, and other features that you can charge back to your clients, controlling your costs.

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