The threat of cyberattacks against your business isn’t going away anytime soon. The good news is that there are ways to prevent and mitigate cybersecurity and IT security risks through managed IT services. Any organization, no matter the size, requires a team of IT experts to manage and secure their network and devices from any potential cyberattacks.  

Learn the Different Types of Cloud Storage 

What are Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT services are handled by a third-party source that provides infrastructure, IT, and other support to organizations. Modern businesses are under a lot of pressure to prevent security issues. Managed IT provides services that help your business with cybersecurity, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), backup recovery, and more. Companies depend on Managed IT services to provide technical expertise for their network maintenance in a cost-effective way. 

The Different Types of Managed IT Services 

Managed IT provides a vast range of services, and not every organization wants or needs every single one. That’s why it’s important to know and understand the different types of innovative managed IT services that are available to your business. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing has been trending in the IT industry. Managed IT providers can create a cloud infrastructure that helps with data migration, establish access-managed policies, and support integral IT functions including network security, backup/disaster recovery, and compliance.  

Security Services 

This service is basically an ongoing catch-all service for your network, computers, mobile devices, applications, infrastructure, and any sensitive data or information. These services include virus protection, intrusion detection, malware protection, and 24/7 monitoring and alerting. 

Backups and Data Protection 

Cyberattacks becoming more frequent and damages can be detrimental to your organization’s confidential data. No company can afford to skip backup and data protection services by implementing managed IT service, a backup strategy will protect your data, automate them, and recover them in the event of a disaster.  

Network and Infrastructure Management 

Having an effective network and infrastructure is key to securing company data and building efficient business operations. Managed IT service provides administration needs including security, storage, backups, monitoring connection issues, and managing remote network access. 

Data Analytics 

Data analytics are a crucial part of improving business performance and allow for business intelligence to target specific trends. Your managed IT service provider can take raw data and turn it into information and insights to improve operations, sales, and marketing strategies.   

Use Managed IT Services to Protect Your Business 

There are many reasons to use managed IT services: they improve security, help your organizations save time, cut costs, and work more efficiently. At Kraft Business Systems we take you through our AIM assessment so that we can understand your entire business IT infrastructure. From there, our team of experts assess any potential risks, identify cost-saving opportunities, and much more. Kraft’s Managed IT Services unlock the potential growth and innovation at your organization. 

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