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IT Assessment in Michigan

Kraft Business Systems is your trusted partner for comprehensive IT assessments in Michigan. Our AIM Assessment service is designed to provide actionable insights, cost-effective solutions, and ongoing support tailored to your organization’s unique needs. With a focus on data-driven results and industry expertise, we empower businesses in Michigan to optimize their IT infrastructure and achieve their goals.

A robust and efficient IT infrastructure is essential for business success. At Kraft Business Systems, we understand the importance of leveraging technology to drive growth, enhance productivity, and stay competitive in the market. Our IT Assessment services in Michigan are designed to help businesses like yours unlock their full IT potential.


Kraft AIM Assessment Process


Our journey with you begins by conducting a complimentary analysis of your office’s technology and methodologies. This step allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current equipment and operations. Through a thorough, data-focused evaluation, we provide you with a detailed report highlighting areas for improvement.

Our assessment process includes:

  • Hardware Evaluation: Assessing the performance, compatibility, and lifespan of your hardware components.
  • Software Analysis: Evaluating the efficiency, functionality, and licensing compliance of your software applications.
  • Network Assessment: Analyzing the network architecture, bandwidth utilization, and connectivity protocols.
  • Security Review: Reviewing your cybersecurity measures, data protection strategies, and compliance with industry standards.


Turn data into action with our implementation services. We leverage top-of-the-line office equipment, technologies, and services to optimize your organization’s IT infrastructure. Our solutions adhere to industry best practices, regulatory standards, and office management guidelines, resulting in lower operating costs and increased productivity.

Our implementation process includes:

  • Solution Design: Designing customized IT solutions based on the insights and recommendations from our assessment.
  • Deployment: Implementing hardware upgrades, software integrations, and network enhancements with minimal disruption.
  • Training and Support: Providing comprehensive training sessions and ongoing support to ensure smooth adoption and utilization of new IT solutions.


At Kraft, we are committed to ensuring the endurance and quality of your IT systems. Our ongoing service and support include regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and 24/7 IT help desk assistance. Whether it’s servicing equipment, restoring workstation functionality, or addressing security breaches, Kraft is prepared to protect the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Our management services include:

  • Proactive Monitoring: Monitoring your IT systems round-the-clock to detect and resolve issues before they impact your operations.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades: Performing regular maintenance tasks, software updates, and hardware upgrades to optimize performance.
  • Security Management: Implementing robust cybersecurity measures, conducting vulnerability assessments, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Why Choose Kraft Business Systems for IT Assessment in Michigan?

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in IT solutions and services, Kraft Business Systems brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to every project. Our team of certified professionals stays updated with the latest technologies, trends, and best practices to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Actionable Insights

Based on our analysis, we provide actionable insights and recommendations tailored to your business needs. We help you make informed decisions that drive results, whether it’s optimizing IT processes, upgrading hardware and software, enhancing cybersecurity measures, or implementing new technologies.

Cost Savings

By identifying inefficiencies and implementing cost-effective solutions, our IT Assessment can lead to significant cost savings for your organization. From reducing downtime and improving productivity to streamlining operations and optimizing resource utilization, we help you achieve more with less.

Compliance and Security

Our IT Assessment ensures that your IT infrastructure meets industry standards, regulatory requirements, and cybersecurity best practices. We help you mitigate risks, protect sensitive data, and enhance your overall security posture.

Scalability and Future-Readiness

As your business grows and evolves, your IT infrastructure needs to scale and adapt accordingly. Our IT Assessment helps you build a scalable and future-ready IT environment that can support your business objectives, accommodate growth, and leverage emerging technologies.

Competitive Advantage

A well-optimized IT infrastructure gives you a competitive advantage in the market. It allows you to innovate faster, respond to market changes more effectively, deliver superior customer experiences, and stay ahead of competitors. Our IT Assessment helps you harness the power of technology to drive business success.  

From pinpointing risks and opportunities, to improving efficiencies and reducing costs, Kraft’s AIM Assessment provides your business with the tools necessary to optimize your company’s goals. Providing data-driven results, Kraft’s IT assessment accurately gauges where improvements can be made within the scope of your organization’s IT and offers actionable, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your business’ needs.

Benefit from a comprehensive examination of your technology systems and see improvements in your IT performance. 

Virtualization technology represented as a digital cloud under a dome of nodes

The Kraft AIM Assessment




Kraft begins with a free analysis of your office’s technology and methodologies to draw focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your current equipment and operations. After a thorough, data-focused evaluation, Kraft will guide you through a detailed report of the results. Kraft will also highlight new equipment and services with high return rates that take your office to the next level of competitive performance.




Turn data into action by implementing top-of-the-line office equipment, technologies, and services to boost the efficiency of your organization’s IT. Following the best practices in office management as well as maintaining your industry regulations and standards, Kraft solutions significantly lower operating costs while simultaneously increasing overall productivity so you can maintain the edge in your marketplace.




Kraft is committed to the endurance of your IT’s quality. Receive ongoing service and support to ensure your systems are always running at peak performance. No matter the level of support you require, Kraft’s 24/7 IT help desk is available to meet the urgency of any situation. So, whether it’s servicing equipment, restoring workstation functionality, or answering security breaches, Kraft is prepared to protect the integrity of your IT’s infrastructure.

Take the First Steps to Better IT

What is managed IT service?

Managed IT—information technology—is a task or set of tasks provided by a third-party contractor delivered to a customer. In a managed service agreement, the IT service provider retains responsibility for the IT service and equipment of a business for a monthly fee.

What services are most common?

While there are many different services that can be provided by managed IT service and support, some of the most common include:

  • Management of servers, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Remote monitoring
  • Security services
  • Cloud computing
Why should I care about IT security?

With most of today’s technology connected to the internet, there are more doors than ever for cybersecurity threats and IT security risks to bleed into your organization’s operations. Along with potentially catastrophic data leaks, these issues cost time and money.

Luckily, managed IT services prevent and mitigate the risk of attacks.

What can I expect from a contract?

Kraft builds Managed Service agreements to fit your needs, not the other way around. Expect a service-level agreement—SLA—which identifies what services the provider will manage and how successful deliveries will be measured. Kraft also does an organizational assessment with the business to determine pricing.

Why should I use managed IT services?

With managed IT services, your organization can focus on the work you do and not the tools you require to get the job done. Benefits of managed IT services include:

  • Improved security
  • Proactive approach to IT problems
  • Access to up-to-date technology
  • Cost savings
  • More productive use of internal staff
  • Utilization of cloud solutions and remote office IT
How do I know your managed IT services can help my organization?

Kraft will take your organization through an AIM assessment to understand your entire business’ IT infrastructure. From there, Kraft experts assess risk, identify cost-saving opportunities, and much more to honestly determine if Kraft can help.

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