Without having a document management workflow set up, work gets inefficient and repetitive.

Why do you need a document management workflow?

Even though documents are indispensable to our work, they are responsible for a lot of inefficiencies in our workflow.

We have all done this- spending hours and hours of our precious time looking for a document on our computer, on our hard drives, in our cloud folders, in chat messages, in our inboxes, etc.

A global survey of workers and IT professionals in 2012 by IDC revealed that document challenges account for 21.3 percent of productivity loss. We often can’t find the right documents or files when we desperately need them or can’t access the document due to time or location barriers.

Another way document challenges hamper our workflow is when you need something approved by other teammates and managers. The process of document submission, review, and approval takes a lot more time than it should. Paper documents often travel from desk to desk and can get overlooked or misplaced. It’s no surprise then, as to why our documents get lost in this shuffle and slow down our work.

This is precisely the reason why a lot of companies around the world are adopting the notion of a document management workflow which is often achieved by using a document management software system.

What is document management software (DMS) and how it improves document management workflow?

A document management system is much more than simply a cloud storage tool to store your digital documents. It’s essentially a framework that streamlines workflows and stimulates collaboration by facilitating the free flow of critical information across the organization.

By managing your document workflow, you improve overall office efficiency which ultimately has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.


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