Office machinery like printerscan be expensive. Chances are, you’re spending too much on printing. Mismanaged print environments can cost your business a lot of money each year. If you’re ready to stop worrying about your printer, then it is time to turn to managed printing services.  

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Understanding Managed Printing Services 

Printing can be a hassle and can be a drain on your business’ resources. Not only do you have to pay for the printer itself, but you also must consider the cost of toner, maintenance, and other supplies. With Managed Printing Services (MPS), you can take control of your printing and document needs to lower costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve workflow.

Signs to Turn to Managed Printing Services 

1. You’re Concerned with Printing Costs and/or Waste  

Just think about how much paper your organization uses every year—the costs can add up and quickly. But don’t worry: one of the benefits of managed printing services is the lower overall printing costs. These services reduce your business paper use and carbon footprint by cutting down unnecessary printing, copying, and faxing. MPS has print tracking software which allows you to monitor your paper, supplies, and print-related energy to ensure your company isn’t wasting resources. 

2. Printing Costs Have Become Unpredictable  

Managed printing services help reduce unnecessary printing, which makes printing costs more predictable. You may not know how much ink your business is using or how much you are spending on printer maintenance. With MPS, you can put your printer on a maintenance schedule and track its related expenses. This helps you see how often ink needs to be purchased and when printers need to be serviced, making it easier to predict your printing expenses. 

3. Efficiency and Productivity is Leaving Something to be Desired 

Managed printing services allow for simpler printing processes. Employees spend time standing at a printer waiting for items to print or walking back and forth from their desks to the printer waiting for items to print out. This is both inefficient and unproductive! MPS can show employees exactly when their items are printed, so they don’t have to wait nor go back and forth. MPS can also be digital, so you can go paperless. 

4. You Have Security on Your Mind 

As technology continues its advance, this comes with it the ever-changing and present threat of cyberattacks, and unsecured printers can be a gateway! Any unsecured device on your network is a hazard to your security, making it even more essential to secure your printers from breaches to protect your company and your customers. MPS integrates security by monitoring and sending instant notifications of printer security breaches, allowing you to respond to threats quickly.  

Partner with Kraft Business Systems 

There are many potential signs your company should turn to managed print services. To have MPS done right, you need to partner like Kraft Business Systems. At Kraft, we make sure managed printing services are right for you. We supply ongoing support to meet your budget, increase business efficiency, and make overall print management easy. If you have any questions about MPS contact us today.

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