Should your company conduct an IT assessment? Is it necessary? Is it worth the time and money? The answer to all these questions is yes!  Your business information system can be vulnerable if it’s not assessed regularly. Cyberattacks, malware, and other potential threats are always increasing; an IT assessment will help you mitigate these risks before it’s too late. Here are the 6 benefits of an IT assessment to help protect your organization’s growth. 

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What is an IT Assessment? 

An IT assessment is an evaluation of an organizational network and equipment operations to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the IT system. An IT assessment will examine key areas including system security, mobile device management, copy-print, document management, data security, network software, and server infrastructure. This way, your business can discover methods for improving the overall IT infrastructure.  

Information security is important for businesses big and small. With the increase of cyberattacks around the world, it’s vital to be aware of security risks that can potentially harm your company. To accomplish this, the technology and network within your organization’s daily operations need support. This involves cost-effective long-term planning and the identification of any risks, which helps reduce the chances of threats. An IT assessment can be one of the best decisions you can make for your company to ensure everything runs smoothly.  


Benefits of Conducting an IT Assessment 

1. Reveal Vulnerability 

To maintain your brand’s reputation, you need to keep the safety of sensitive information and your customers’ data safe. A professional IT assessment helps detect vulnerabilities to external cyberattacks, data breaches, and malware in your infrastructure.  

2. Enhance Performance 

IT assessments identify opportunities to enhance efficiency you may be missing. Underperforming solutions can affect user adoption, transaction processes, and workflows. A thorough IT assessment provides information security management solutions and delivers positive performances. 

3. Authorizing Security 

IT assessments enable you to build better security policies and address risks. This allows your company to both recognize security breaches faster and give access to authorized employees.  

4. Reduces Human Error 

Human error is common, 95% of successful cyberattacks are the result of human error. It can potentially be one of the most dangerous risks that many businesses face. These simple mistakes can be avoided if your team knows the safest procedures and operations. Assessments also help you and your team understand potential risks and how to handle them.  

5. Due Diligence Record 

An IT assessment provides documented evidence of actions you can take to help protect your business from legal ramifications. These assessments can be offered to insurance providers, government agencies, business partners, and even customers to show evidence of your security processes.  

6. Budget Planning 

The IT assessment report will provide a budget plan for IT equipment to upgrade software. This process will be an integral part of your future IT structure and provide long-term benefits down the road. 

The Kraft AIM™ Process Helps Your Business 

IT assessments are important to businesses of every size. The Kraft AIM™ process begins with an analysis of your office equipment including copy machines, workstations, tablets, and phone systems to complete IT and disaster recovery protocols. Our team pinpoints any risks and opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Kraft will show you how new equipment and services pay for themselves while taking your office to the next level. Complete the AIM assessment here and we can help you! 

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