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Bridge the digital and physical document divide with customizable and affordable document management solutions.

Automate Tasks

Document Management Solutions can significantly cut down the time it takes for your office to handle recurring tasks in accounts payable, contracts, customer service, and more. 

Department Optimization

Kraft Business Systems is committed to helping your team work more efficiently. Providing solutions that are customized for specific departments and compliance requirements helps businesses in any industry increase productivity and streamline workflows.

Department DMS

Document Management Solutions made for your departments.

Most companies must partner with vendors and suppliers to carry out their business. In doing so, invoices are accrued and must be processed. For companies with multiple vendors and, ultimately, invoices, an accounts payable (AP) department ensures all bills are paid on time and accurately.

To cut costs and automate tasks, Kraft offers software solutions that will facilitate accounts payable processes, particularly when it comes to handling invoices. These solutions will drive your AP team to process invoices faster, optimize costs, and reduce risk, which significantly increases efficiency and helps to make monthly cash flow more predictable.

When entering into a partnership with a customer, vendor, supplier, or employee, it’s imperative that the contract between both parties truly represents the agreed-upon obligations set forth during negotiations or a sale. It is nearly as important that business contracts are drafted in a timely manner. Contract management software helps streamline this process for businesses who rely heavily on contracts.

Kraft offers contract management software to our customers in need of making the process of drafting, tracking, and managing contracts more efficient and secure. This user-friendly software is customizable to fit your business’s needs, making it an ideal solution for legal, healthcare, sales, education, and other industries looking to streamline business processes. Highlights include electronic signatures, flexible permissions, easy searching and retrieval, and more.

Providing exceptional customer service by tending to the needs of your clients is the cornerstone of any thriving business. Key features of great customer service include providing professional, informative, courteous assistance before, during, and after a sale is made. Would you be surprised to know that you can use technology to be more effective at providing stellar customer service? In fact, dedicated customer service software is available to businesses looking to streamline these processes.

Kraft offers help desk solutions that provide all of the tools you need to deliver top-notch customer service. These solutions manage customer conversations from a variety of sources, such as email, phone, and even social media, helping you provide personalized, fast feedback. This user-friendly software makes it easy to focus on your customers, instead of spending time on the logistics of customer service.

The duties of a company’s human resources department are varied but typically revolve around all aspects of employment, including hiring, firing, benefits, adhering to regulatory compliance, and more. Certain aspects of HR can benefit from automation and other technological advancements that dedicated software solutions tools can provide. That’s why Kraft offers human resources software to clients in need of improving HR processes and becoming more efficient.

Our human resources software solutions help small-to-mid sized companies manage payroll, benefits, and more all in one easy-to-use platform. Hiring top talent is easy with seamless onboarding features, while maintaining a great staff is simple with dedicated performance management components. Give your human resources team the tools they need to succeed with these state-of-the-art software solutions.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) is a federal law that established accounting and recordkeeping rules for companies in the United States. It is designed to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting fraud and errors, requiring businesses to store and potentially produce records—including electronic records—for a specific period of time. How these records are stored is up to the business. But, the Act does dictate which records should be kept and for how long.

Kraft offers software solutions that help keep your business SOX compliant. These tools make risk and compliance management easy by tracking, managing, and reporting on health and safety incidents, conflict of interest declarations, audit outcomes, and all other compliance-based records. Move beyond spreadsheets and Word Documents and provide your business with peace of mind by implementing Kraft’s SOX compliance software today.

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