As your business grows, workflows become more complex. One of the most time-consuming tasks that come with running an organization is managing paperwork. No matter how small your business is, there will always be an astounding number of files to deal with. To make life simpler, technology is changing the workplace environment. Here are 3 document workflow optimization strategies to streamline operations.  

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Why is Document Workflow Optimization Important for Businesses? 

Document workflow optimization is a strategy to increase an organization’s efficiency. This means adjusting the existing workflows and identifying ways to improve quality and consistency. Successful workflow optimization reduces costs, the occurrence of errors, and time spent completing tasks. By minimizing time spent correcting errors or performing tedious tasks, an organization can direct more of its resources toward running the business more efficiently. This is crucial to competitiveness and lasting success.

Document Workflow Optimization Strategies 

Any organization that deals with any amount of paperwork needs to manage it. Document workflow can be a challenge in every industry from healthcare to education. These documents are transferred between departments, employees, clients, patients, and more. Workflow optimization increases the speed of this process and reduces friction. Below is a list of strategies to streamline document workflow in your organization. 

1. Examine the Existing Process 

Create a flowchart that demonstrates your current step-by-step workflow process. This includes every task that is completed at each step, the people responsible, and the resources needed. This will give insights into bottlenecks and other issues to resolve. 

2. Create New Document Management Process 

Now that you understand what can be automated or improved, create a document management process model. This will outline what happens at each step, where documents are routed, what needs to be completed, and who approves the paperwork. 

3. Digitize and Automate Document Management 

To streamline your document management workflow, digitize and automate the process. Create a dynamic workflow to automatically direct documentation to the correct workflow participants. Incorporating a documentation management workflow makes processes easier. Approvers will be able to sign off on paperwork using digital signatures, get notified of pending approvals, and receive reminders. Business workflows can have complex routing and approval chains, that’s why an automated document management system will benefit your workflow. 

 20230119_KBS_DocumentWorkflowWorkflow optimization increases productivity and reduces friction. 

Document Management Solutions Made for Your Departments 

Document management solutions will significantly cut down the time it takes for your office to handle recurring tasks in accounts payable, contracts, customer service, and more.  Here’s how: 

Accounts Payable (AP) 

To cut costs and automate tasks, document management will offer solutions that will facilitate accounts payable processes, including handling invoices. Your AP team will be able to process invoices faster, reduce risks, and optimize costs.  

Contracts Management 

Document management makes the process of drafting, tracking, and managing contracts simplified, efficient, and secure. This makes it an ideal solution for legal, healthcare, education, and other businesses within those industries that are looking to strengthen their business process.  

Customer Resources 

Document management provides all the tools needed to deliver customer services. This includes managing customer conversations with a variety of tools, such as email, phone, and even social media—providing personalized and efficient feedback.  

Human Resources (HR) 

Document management HR solutions help businesses manage payroll, benefits, and more in one platform. With seamless onboarding features, you can hire top talent with ease while simultaneously maintaining a great staff with a dedicated performance management component.  

Kraft’s Document Management Workflow Optimization Solutions 

Kraft Business Systems is committed to assisting your team work more effectively and efficiently. We provide customizable, specific solutions for your business, tailormade to your specific department needs and compliance requirements. We help businesses in any industry including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and government. Contact a document management expert at Kraft today! 

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