“Printing” refers to any cost associated with having a printer, including:

  • the devices themselves (copiers, printers, scanners, etc.)
  • paper
  • ink/toner
  • people to support the devices (IT, maintenance, etc.)
  • processes to support workflows (training, time-saving processes, etc.)

The True Cost of Printing

For some organizations, the cost of printing can really add up. In some organizations, it can make up as much as 15% of annual spending and in rare cases up to 30%.

According to Marco, 90% of companies do not track costs associated with printing. You can’t control what you don’t track and a good managed print services company can help you understand every single cost associated with printing so you can make better decisions.

With the advanced printer and copier technology and digital enterprise document managementsolutions available today, printing is a great place in your budget to cut costs.

The Top 10 Benefits of MPS

  1. Gain a complete understanding of print associated costs in your organization.
  2. Reduce local printers and consolidate equipment.
  3. Identify the most optimal printer placement in the workplace.
  4. Replace inefficient devices and get the best technology for your needs.
  5. Automate supply delivery when supplies are low.
  6. Get predictable with print associated costs (make accounting happy).
  7. Training for your employees included for your MPS service provider.
  8. Mobile and remote printing management.
  9. On-demand professional support and service.
  10. Optimized security benefits.

How Managed Print Services Work

Every organizations’ print needs are unique. The best place to start is with a thorough assessment of how printing is handled today. A thorough assessment will allow a service provider to gain an understanding to pinpoint areas where you can improve efficiency while significantly reducing costs.

Once a professional has assessed your current setup, they should be able to show you your true cost of printing today and present alternative options that would improve the way your team works and reduce costs.

Once your company and the managed print service company has agreed upon the level of managed service, the service provider should be able to fully implement a transition of any new print and copy equipment, workflows, and employee training.

Internally, we call this the AIM process (Asssess. Implement. Manage).

Should Your Organization Hire a Managed Print Service Provider?

In short, you should at least explore the option. You may be surprised by what the right company can offer. MPS printing is not for every organization, and a good MPS understands that.

At the very least, engaging with a managed print service company will help you understand the true costs associated with everything printing and your organization.

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