Contract Management

Managing your contracts shouldn’t be a burden. Discover an easier way to take care of your legal documents with solutions by Kraft.

Simplify your business’s operations with a solution that streamlines the drafting, tracking, and management of your contracts. Kraft’s contract management software is highly customizable for optimal integration and safeguarded by the tightest of security measures. Automate contract review, set up flexible permissions, generate reports, and more.

Supercharge your enterprise with Kraft’s dynamic contract management solution.

Organize Documents

Never lose track of your contracts again. Kraft’s contract management software keeps all your documents neatly stored in one convenient place. Need to quickly find a particular document? Utilize the software’s easy-to-use search and retrieval process and make finding your contracts a breeze.

Streamline the Contract Lifecycle

Kraft will ensure your contracts are being properly managed from beginning to end. Quickly draft contracts using pre-approved, legally compliant templates, create electronic signatures, automate post-signature tasks, and more. Gain time and resources by optimizing your contract process.

Maintain Compliance

Save time and avoid costly errors by ensuring your contracts are consistently maintaining compliance. With Kraft’s software, choose who has access to your sensitive information with permission control settings. Additionally, have a clear overview of the history of your documents with version control.

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